Water Jet Vs. Laser


Ø  ´No-reflection sensitive´ stream can deal with the materials that laser cannot (Aluminum, Polished Stainless, Copper or Brass – can be difficult for Laser)

 Ø  Water Jet creates no thermal distortion neither induces any changes in material structural integrity

 Ø  The Process of abrasive cutting causes no noxious fumes.


Water Jet Vs. Plasma


Ø  While maintaining capabilities of machining very thick (up to 180 [mm]) and varied materials, Water Jet outperforms its rival within the accuracy sector, as well as with the absence of HAZ  (Heat-Affected Zone)

 Ø  Through the possibility of tighter parts nesting, the usage of Water Jet method increases allocation efficiency and reduced the ´production – waste´ ratio.


It is undeniable that every process has its strengths and weaknesses.


It is claimed by the Laser and Plasma merchants that Water Jet is not the most cost-effective method. This allegation may be true, but only when no secondary work is required to the part after being cut. As soon as a part is subdued to further machining, closer tolerances are needed or HAZ (Heat-Affected Zone) cannot be tolerated, then the Water Jet is the solution for the individuals as well as the companies that want the very best.


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