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OMA-TECH was established at the beginning of 2008 and its main focus, which is followed until today, was to provide high-precision water jet cutting services for the individuals as well as for the companies that desire the very best.

             By applying one of the most modern, cutting-edge, market available, technologies; we provide broad spectrum of services considering materials of metallic and non-metallic origins. With Our knowledge, experience and effort, we reduce the overall cost and elevate the quality You expect from Your supplier.

             Worked Surface Quality: ALL the materials we work with, end-up having smooth and fissure-less surface, comparable with the quality obtained during the sanding process.

            Water Jet flow produce net-shaped parts with no HAZ (Heat-Affected Zone), heat distortion or mechanical stresses caused by other methods, like laser or plasma cutting.

            With the accuracy of ± 0,1 [mm] our highly qualified staff can produce virtually any 2-dimensional shape, while reaching the minimum orifice size, as low as 1.5 [mm] in diameter.



We work fast and efficiently to stand by the deadline promises we make. And by paying attention to all the details, we are always one step further then the competition.